Text Recognition and Formatting, Preparation for Translation and Correction

  • OCR-based recognition, digitization and conversion of text, tables and spreadsheets, lettering and signatures, booklets and brochures, presentations, and books to an editable format
  • Preparation of texts and images for translation, editing and correction
  • Text optimization for further translation with TM, CAT, Trados and other tools used as well as for translation in “manual” mode
  • “Look Alike” formatting and text composition or customized formatting as per the customer’s requirements
  • Creation or correction of PDF forms and documents
  • Conversion of files into other formats


Recognition and Digitization

Text Insertion into Images

Composition and Formatting

Preparation for Translation

I am a freelancer, not an organization!

I am personally responsible for the work I do.


OCR & DTP Specialist.
Experience of work in technical translation sphere, optical character recognition, formatting and composition – since 2004.

Education: higher, engineering.

Highly specialized professional software

I am always ready to be contacted

I can work during weekends, holidays, and I am ready for time-pressing projects.

I use only my hands and my brain in combination with the state-of-the-art licensed software.
I do not use any automatic on-line services and converters.
I guarantee that your data remains confidential.

My portfolio includes most of the popular formats

Документ PDF
Текстовый документ Word
Сканированный текст
Таблицы Exel
�?зображения, картинки