Recognition and Digitization of Text and Images

I can recognize and convert files of popular non-editable formats, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc., to wide-spread editable MS Office formats: Word, Excel, Power Point, RTF, etc., to be a “look alike” or as per the parameters specified. 

I will do it professionally: texts and images will not be displaced and will not disappear when edited or translated, tables will remain tables, and bulleted lists will remain bulleted lists.

The texts that are to have automatic table of contents – will have automatic table of contents; if headers and footers, page numbers, references, footnotes, etc. are needed, they will be active and usable.

Распознавание и оцифровка

Insertion and/or replacement of text in images, flowcharts, drawings, PDF files. Working with PDF forms

I can change a non-editable text in pictures, images, flowcharts, diagrams, and drawings.

I can add changes to images and text of a PDF document directly without any intermediate conversion to other formats.

I can create or edit an active PDF form.

Правка надписей в изображениях

Text Composition and Formatting

I can set any text document in order: create a single style, clear “debris”, create an automatic table of contents, bulleted lists, footnotes, references; arrange in two, three, four columns; insert images, make a bilingual version, etc.

Форматирование, вёрстка, подвёрстка

Optimization for Translation to/from Any Language

I can prepare and optimize texts professionally for both “machine”* and “manual”** translation.

* “Machine translation” – automatic language translation with the help of software suites (CAT, TM, Trados, etc.) and neural networks.

** “Manual translation” – translation by a human being.

I have a multiyear experience of recognition and preparation for translation of technical descriptions, manuals, feasibility studies, presentations, business correspondence, drawings, flowcharts, diagrams, tables, booklets, research papers and advertising articles, agreements and contracts.

Average work rate: up to 60 pages per day. (А4/"Letter")

Подготовка к переводу

The estimate of work scope, cost, completion time as well as consulting on projects are free.
I wil tell the exact cost of work under your Project only upon its thorough examination.