Optimum Price

Since I am a freelancer and work for myself, there is no need to keep an office and there is not need in multiple intermediate agents between me and my clients. Therefore, my clients pay only for high-quality work and do not pay out of their own pockets for office keeping and personnel wages.

As a results, the cost of my services is significantly lower than that of services rendered by an “organization” with at least equal quality. Plus, I am personally responsible to the clients for the work I do.

I do everything myself. I am personnaly resposible for the deliverables.

Cost of My Services

Recognition, formatting, composition, preparation for translation to/from any language

Chargeable unit:
 1 working hour or A4 or Letter page.

Cost: As the cost of my work depends on lots of variables, for example, urgency, complexity, labor input, time of day, quality of initial materials and its format, individual customer wishes – the exact cost of work and completion time can be announced only upon examination of a file to be processed.

The estimate of cost and completion time is free

I work with both organizations and individuals and can offer the optimum payment method.